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Ms. Sofia


Ms. Sofia is a Vocal Performer, Musician, and Artist based in Southern California. She has countless experience working in professional theatre’s, recording studios, and stages as a vocalist/Musician/Creator. Ms. Sofia will also hold a Bachelors Degree of Arts from Cal Poly Pomona in Spring of 2022.


Ms. Sofia models her style of teaching following a philosophy of freeing the natural voice, exploring what is individual to the student, encouraging students to find what makes their voices unique and how to free that voice to access their individual goals, acknowledging and honoring their talents. The basis, of learning to support their voice using proper breath control, vocal support, and the lack of tension through many different practices.


Ms. Sofia found a passion for teaching through Music Direction, and hopes to inspire you to find a passion in using your voice as a second means of communication. Ms. Sofia looks forward to not only teaching, but learning alongside her students. She can’t wait to get singing alongside all of you!

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