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Local Music Lessons

One on One Local Music Lessons for Children and Adults

Music lessons are a great way for children to learn discipline and explore their creativity. It can be hard to get kids to engage in productive behavior without some sort of reward system. Kids today have so much competition for their attention - from social media to video games – it can be tough to encourage them to do something educational and fulfilling. Local music lessons can be just the thing to get your children excited about learning a skill that will benefit them for life. If you are in search of professional music lessons near you in the Rancho Cucamonga or Carlsbad area, come see us at The Music Key School.


We offer a variety of local music lessons, from piano to vocal training. Our founder and primary music teacher, Lilly Ana Scripcaru is a classically trained pianist who studied at the Chisinau Stefan Neaga Music College in Chisinau, Moldova. In addition to studying music, she also has over 10 years of teaching experience. She is now offering local music lessons to children and families in Rancho Cucamonga and Carlsbad. If you want to take a music lesson with your child or you simply need a way to keep them entertained and occupied, come see us at The Music Key School.


We understand how hard it can be to keep your kids focused and motivated during this confusing time. Music has the amazing power to encourage productivity without forcing it. The value of hard work and discipline are impossible to explain to a child in words. But melody and creativity are intuitive concepts, and children of all ages can respond to them. Allowing your kids to channel their inner creativity through music is a great way to show them that hard work pays off. Come see us at The Music Key School if you’re in search of professional music lessons near you!

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