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Ms. Lilly-

The Music Key School Founder


" I was born in Chisinau, Moldova (Eastern Europe). I started to have an interest in Piano as soon as my parents bought an upright piano for my older sister. Shortly I began to learn to play Piano at Chisinau Elementary School Iulia Hasdeu in the Music field where I was taught in Russian methods. At the same time, I studied Choir, Music Theory, Solfeggio, Music History, and Choral Conducting. Following my teachers' recommendations I participated in many contests for my school, nationally, and abroad.  

 After graduating school with a State Music Diploma I continued my musical studies at Chisinau Stefan Neaga Music College, in Piano Performance. 

While in Music College I studied the Pedagogy of Music which is where I first began to teach students. I participated in music contests, nationally and abroad and also studied Theatre Arts and Artistic Management at Chisinau Academy of Music, Theatre, and Fine Arts. After obtaining my Bachelor's degree I completed one year towards a Master's degree in Evaluation and Psychological Intervention in the Educational Field, at the University of Bucharest, Romania.

 During my musical studies I was excited to share my passion, talent, and musical knowledge and experience with future students of all ages starting as young as 3 years old. I began teaching Private Piano, Voice and general music lessons such as Solfeggio, Music Theory, Music History, Choir, Cameral Ensemble etc.

 These wonderful years of studying in Europe and over 10 years of teaching give me confidence, responsibility, and pleasure to share my passion for music with 3 year old children to adults. 


In this sense I founded The Music Key School focused on excellence in musical education. As a teacher I have had many students who have excelled in their music career as well as those who have continued studying music with passion as their hobby.


I am simply amazed of how 3 year old and up students are getting challenged with The Music Key School's help, as well as the parent's help with their homework practice, becoming a professional instrumentalist here at The Music Key School.

 Piano, voice and general music courses are and will always be a vital part of me and to the professional career of any great musician.

-Ms. Lilly, The Music Key School Founder

Ms. Marissa


Mr. Kevin


"I have 14 years of classical piano training and have been teaching piano lessons for the past three years. I finished through the Advanced Level of Certificate of Merit and completed each level with Honors. This program requires rigorous training in different genres of music, including Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary, and also in music theory. I attended piano camp at the University of Redlands my senior year of high school, and I was able to be a part of a piano quartet and accompany many different instruments. Most recently, I concluded taking the music courses at Victor Valley College, which included classes such as music theory, music history, private piano lessons, and musicianship (ear training). I attained my Associate's degree in Fine Arts from Victor Valley College and Bachelor's degree in Music Education at Cal Poly Pomona. 


I am familiar with many different styles of music some of which include: Baroque, Pop, Contemporary, and Classical. I love teaching piano and spreading the joy music brings to my students. I look forward to discovering what will engage my students and encourage them to reach their highest potential as a pianist."

-Ms. Marissa

Mr. Kevin is a pianist composer who has been pursuing piano for 18 years. He currently holds a Bachelors degree in music from University of La Verne. He’s been in his school’s chamber and symphony orchestra as a pianist. He his well versed in music genres such as classical, pop, and rock, and he knows how to transcribe sheet music.


Mr. Kevin follows the philosophy of what suits the students and what they like. He often writes and adjusts the sheet music to the student’s ability.


Mr Kevin found his passion of teaching while pursuing his music degree, when he helped several of his friends with piano practice for class. He hopes to bring the magic of piano playing to more people and help them discover their passion for music.

Ms. Sanjana


"I Started to play the piano at the age of 5 and have since fell in love with the intricate instrument that can produce so many styles of music. I was trained through Yamaha Music School and have passed their levels 6-13 and have also trained through ABRSM passing all levels 1-8. Both programs are accelerated courses covering all periods and styles of music from Baroque to Contemporary as well as fundamental music theory concepts. I have also trained heavily on ear training with both ABRSM and Yamaha, through a variety of aural/hearing excercises, making hearing one of my most valuable skills. 

On the side I am a music lover, listening to styles from Pop, Rock, Jazz, Alternative, R&B and many more, allowing me to connect with my students as they develop their music interests. I love spreading my love for music to my students and seeing the smile on their faces as they themselves come to learn the amazing music abilities they have within them! "


-Ms. Sanjana  

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